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Apple MC340LL/A review

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Apple MC340LL/A review


Apple MC340LL/A reviews

Whether you are at home, at the office or in another place with multiple PCs, laptops and so on, you need a reliable router to have decent internet connectivity for all. A faulty router can cause a lot of problems and a lot of nerves as well. Last generation routers should come to your aid and perform more functions than before. Apple has released the Apple MC340LL/A , a model that is supposed to be at the top when it comes to features and performances.

It has a white color and its design is very chic, with the unmistakable Apple brand on top. The installation process is very easy and the menu is also very intuitive. It is a dual-band N router meaning it operates on 2.4 GHz and 5GHz simultaneously making you Macs or PCs work just great in both spectrums. The Apple MC340LL/A customer reports regard this feature as a definite plus. One good feature for offices makes sure that 50 different users can have access to internet connections at the same time.


The routing speed is pretty impressive, 400+ Mbps. There is also an USB port enabling you to connect a printer that can automatically be used by all the computers marked as users. One downside to the Airport Extreme is the number of LAN ports, just three – 10/100/1000. With its competitors having four ports, this can be taken as a disadvantage.

Because of the Wireless-N technology, the Airport Extreme has a huge advantage over the routers that still use the 802.11g. The transfer speeds are up to five times faster and the range is twice that of the older versions.


The Apple MC340LL/A customer reports are very happy with it and give it top marks in most cases. They like it so much because it is easy to set up, its fast performances, the USB port that offers a great deal of opportunities, it work simultaneous in both bands and makes guest networking available. No real weaknesses have been pointed out, showing that the Airport Extreme is a top class router.


The price is one of the most expensive on the router market. It varies between 140$ and 180$ on different sites. Maybe for just a simple router, for home use it is a bit too much, but for an office I don`t think this price is that spicy. This Apple MC340LL/A review shares the opinion that this is a very good router and even if it a bit expensive, is a great investment. It has a lot of practical uses being able to do its job at home, in an office, in a school for the pupils and many other places.


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